Friday, June 19, 2009

Copper Face Jack's... Dublin, Ireland

...Or Coppers for those in the know. Copper Face Jack's is Dublin' premier meat market. For those in the mood to "hook up" for a good schnoggin' it is your spot if you are visiting the Emerald Isle. Drink prices are high. The place smells of piss and booze and despair. So, like we said... premier!

Usefulness...3... If you go in knowing that you are only in Copper's for a few drinks and some craic (fun) you can't go wrong! If you want a quiet night out among friends... yeah. Not your spot. People go to Copper's for one thing... to meet other people of the opposite sex and hook up. For that purpose Copper's remains famous!

Satisfaction...2... We at Fat Boy HQ don't care how much fun your bar is or what ratio of girls/guys you have. There is never a reason to charge Euro 6 for any drink! Ever. One point off.

Durability...5... For as long as a man will want to meet a drunk woman and woman will want to meet a drunk man there will be Coppers. The Fat Boy hath spoken.

Overall...2... You can't charge 6 Euros (almost $10!) for a drink even if every other bar does. Also, do something about the smell.

Copper Face Jacks, international hook up bar, you are approved!

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