Thursday, June 18, 2009

Natural Light Beer (Natty Light)

Beer is serious business. We here at Fat Boy HQ prefer two flavors of beer, cold and free. But, short of those two qualities we will drink other beer.

You know how some folks are beer SNOBS? Well, here at the secret HQ we are BEER SLUTS!

So we give you one of the all time best beers known to man! Natural Light! Natural Light has been accused of being a bit "common". I must disagree. We here at Fat Boy consider it to be quite a complex beverage, perfect for almost every occasion. Let's put it through the paces.

Usefulness... 3 Natty Light maxes out the usefulness points because it is one of the most drinkable beers on the market. Whether you are wanting to have a beer-or-2 or a beer-or-12 this is your drink. Hey you can sometimes find it for $10 a case!

Satisfaction... 2 Natty loses a point because it is a light beer. Only full bodied beers can have 3 points! The Fat Boy hath spoken.

Durability... 5 This brand has been around forever. 5 points!

Overall... 2 Natural Light satisfies every time. Perfect? Almost.

Natural Light... Approved!

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