Thursday, June 18, 2009

Intex Easy Set 15 x 48 Above Ground Pool

We love these pools. The "Intex" brand is great. It comes with a good DVD about set up and one of us here at Fat Boy HQ was able to set up the whole thing in one day. That includes about 90% fill up as well. Our model was the 15x48. Now, the top inflatable ring is actually only 12 feet, so keep that in mind. Wasn't pleased that that was not communicated in any description. Fat Boy found a cheap one on Amazon. Under $300 after shipping.

Usefulness... 2 You can't jump into it. Fat Boys defiantly can't jump into it. The seems will bust. Splash and swim and wade all you want.

Satisfaction... 3 We got more than we expected in the box and ease of set up. The box has a vacuum, a pump and ladder.

Durability... 3 It's vinyl. It can't be too durable. The lack of hard sides do keep the hell raising to a minimum.

Overall... 3 While not perfect, and not for cannonballs, it is damn fun. I suggest you get one.

The Intex brand is, Approved!

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