Friday, June 19, 2009

Hardee's Thickburgers... APPROVED

Fat Boy HQ employees prefer the homemade taste of "The Watermelon Patch's" burgers, but a close second could be the Hardee's thick burger. In a world where everyone is trying to feminize the culture by eating salads, twigs and grass... it is great to see one restaurant willing to satiate a manly FAT BOY apatite.

Hardee's introduced the Six Dollar Burger a few years ago. Since then they discovered something remarkable. (GM, take notice.) You give the customer what they want, rather than what you think they need... and they will reward you with their business!

Thanks Hardee's!

Usefulness... 2 How useful is a food? How do you judge that. I think we judge it on convenience and nutrition. Yes, even fat boy's know about nutrition. Hardee's obviously isn't marketing to the urban hot mommy crowd so they can't be marked off for that. And a burger isn't made to be low fat. To do that you would have to have something like turkey bacon on it. BTW turkey bacon is a crime against nature and represents all that is unholy and wrong. Having said that the crazy fat calories from Hardee's Thickburgers can't be ignored. If you eat here everyday you will die in about 6 months. But, who wants to eat at one place everyday.

Also, the burgers do not transport well. If you are an on-the-go eater you would rather have something other than a pound of beef. One point off.

Satisfaction... 3 The burgers are just plain tasty. And you don't want (or need) another in 5 minutes after you have had one. Max points.

Durability... 4 When Carl's Jr. bought Hardee's they took the good from hardee's, the breakfast, and added the good from Carl's Jr, everything else. Fat Boy HQ at one time was based in Las Vegas and had the pleasure of dining with Carl on several occasions. Jr was never around. Anyway, the chain impressed us at Fat Boy and continues to do so today. Very durable brand.

Overall... 3 Overall the Thickburger idea is at the heart of what Fat Boy loves. It represents almost the pinnacle of Fat Boy-ness. So max points!

Hardee's Thickburgers are Approved!!!!

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