Thursday, June 18, 2009

How We Test at Fat Boy!

Usefulness 1-3

Is the subject actually useful? If you come out with a new version of 8 track cassette you might not score high in this category.

Satisfaction 1-3

Does the subject perform as advertised and expected? Does it leave you wanting more, in a good way? Or more in a bad way?

Durability 1-5

Is this dime-store lawn furniture that Fat Boys can't sit in or is this quality stuff? Is there built in obsolescence that makes you buy another in less than a year or two? Or can you count on this subject like a trusted friend?

Over All Impression 1-3

Here is where presentation, look, feel and warm fuzzy makes an appearance. If there is just something about the subject that a makes a Fat Boy happy... you receive more points.

In order to receive the coveted "SEAL OF APPROVAL" the subject must receive over 10 points. That's 11 and up, for the math challenged!

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