Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jessica Biel... APPROVED!!!

What! Jessica Biel is de facto approved! But we will go through the paces.

Usefulness... 2 Jessica declined our offer to show up at the Fat Boy Secret HQ so her exact "usefulness" is still undetermined. Having said that, we have extrapolated that it would be no less than 2 pointer.

Satisfaction... 3 Obviously she is a 3. I dare anyone to suggest other wise.

Durability... 4 She has come a long way since 7th Heaven... so we give her a 4. Lets hope she sticks around and gets that 5 spot.

Overall... 3 Jess is a near perfect girl. Short of her ducking a visit to the HQ she generally rocks.

Jessica Biel is Approved!

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