Friday, June 19, 2009

Red's Ice House... Mega Approved!

Fat Boy's get thirsty. And when Fat Boy's are thirsty we go to Red's! (Assuming we are in Charleston, SC.) Red's is a converted Ice House where fishing boats would fill up with ice to chill their catch. Now, Red's is Bar where patrons fill up on beverages. Adult beverages. Frosty Cold adult beverages. Red's is located on picturesque Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant, SC just over the harbor from Charleston. Red's atmosphere is normally rather casual. Some nights it is REALLY casual. If you want white table clothes there are plenty of those places in the area.(This description was stolen from local LJ Wallace of "Water Log" fame.) Red's is about fun and relaxation.

So how does this watering hole fair?

Usefulness... 3 Fat Boy's want two things from a bar, comfort and cold beverages. Red's is both. In the winter they have heaters and in the hot sticky summer they have lots of fans to keep you cool and keep the no-c-um's from biting you and their cooler is turned way down to make sure each beverage choice is cold and delicious. They are of course governed by the laws of physics and if Red's could serve a colder beverage... they would.

Satisfaction... 3 Compared to other outdoor oriented watering holes Red's is the standard barer. Sure they don't have wet t-shirt contests or water slides into the creek, but they don't need it. Red's is Red's. It has great staff and good food and great vistas. And... every April when the tank-tops are in bloom, they have lots of people coming together for a good time.

Durability... 5 It hasn't always been easy for Red's there have been issues. But Red's remains and Red's will remain as long as it sticks to its core concept. Comfort and cold adult beverages!!! We at Fat Boy don't want to imagine a future that doesn't have Red's Ice House in it!

Overall... 3 While in the Lowcountry, Red's is the wellspring from which I flow.

Max Points all around. Red's has achieved Fat Boy transcendence! Red's is Approved!

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