Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bacon... Was there every any question?

It is with all appropriate reverence that we consider the most versatile of foods... BACON.

"The most universally useful food ever invented, certain to forever be a Fat Boy mainstay.
It works for breakfast, it works on a lunchtime cheeseburger, it works on a dinner salad.
Even it's remnants, the grease, has an endless list of uses..." - Borrowed from our Lowcountry HQ.

We were tempted to list some of our favorite Bacon recipes like bacon-wrapped-bacon or bacon-wrapped-cheese or our personal favorite here at Fat Boy HQ... a stick of butter, wrapped in cheese, wrapped in bacon. This is a great dish for those of us who suffer from an overly regular heart rate and extra wide arteries.

The numbers...

Usefulness... 3... There is no more useful food or eatable item. Water comes close.

Satisfaction... 3... Have you ever heard someone say "there was too much bacon on that sandwich..?" Bacon satisfies but leaves you asking for more... Perfection!

Durability... 5... Bacon is timeless. As long as there is air in a Fat Boy's lungs there will be bacon on his plate! As for practical durability, the salty greasy nature of the product makes Bacon the poster child for durable foods! Salted pork was in fact for all times coveted for its durability!!!

Overall... 3... Overall Bacon does not disappoint. It enhances every meal. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and flavors. Hurray Bacon!!!

Perfect Marks... Approved!!!


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