Thursday, June 18, 2009

Madonna... Who?

Most of us here at HQ are products of the 80s. Yes, we know who Adam Ant was and might have even have had a DEVO hat on our shelves. So Madonna no matter what you think of her now was an 80s goddess. But... what about now?

Let's consult the numbers...

Usefulness... 1 Fat Boy finds very little use for has been celebs. Even ones that at one time were consider Kings and Queens of celebrity. Sorry.

Satisfaction... 1 The occasional song does have a nice hook. And, as a former devotee I must admit to a certain comfort in hearing her voice.

Durability... 4 Though at the end of her useful life as a celeb Madonna has been around for quite sometime. I reserve the final point for future use.

Overall... 2 Here is where her past serves her well. Yes, Madonna once was the "Material Girl" and forever will haunt our dreams here at Fat Boy HQ (Think Lucky Star Video).

Sorry Madonna, you fail to meet Fat Boy standards for approval. Nuttin' but luv for ya though!

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