Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blackberry 8830, Approved!

Hey kids... is you cell phone crap? Drops calls, can't take normal wear and tear?

Go Blackberry. We tested the 8830 series and love it. Include a stylish protective case and you have a durable phone that works when you need it. You can also go on line as needed with no additional charges with most carriers and plans. We enjoy chatting with friends all over the world when we are bored to tears here at Fat Boy HQ.

Usefulness... 3 Off the charts usefulness. The phone does it all.

Satisfaction... 2 We really expected more from the GPS capabilities. Maybe that's because the tech isn't available... but the commercials make it seem like you can get quick accurate turn by turn directions. Not quite.

Durability... 4 It would be a 5 but the cool cell phone holder will sometimes open when you run in quick from the rain... dumping your durable cell phone on the ground.

Overall... 3 Best phone ever.

This product is Fat Boy Tested and APPROVED. Good job! 12 points!

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