Friday, June 19, 2009

Toshiba Laptops

Hey Kids! Are you in the market for a laptop computer? Well you are in luck. Toshiba is APPROVED at Fat Boy and not just because Toshiba also makes a miniature Nuke Reactor that fits in your garage or back yard!

Usefulness... 2 Like all laptops the Toshiba is useful. Toshiba is usually a little heavier and slightly larger than some competitors. For that they loose one point.

Satisfaction... 3 HQ has tried two different machines and start ups on both were always quick. Photoshop ran smoothly even with other programs running in the back ground and YouTube/Hulu loads and plays with no problems. Having used other PC laptops and Mac notebooks Toshiba exceeds expectations.

Durability... 4 HQ is on its second Toshiba in 5 years. As any techy will tell you average life span of a Laptop that travels is about 3 years, 4 if the laptop sits as a desktop replacement. HQ's first Toshiba traveled well for 4 years! Then we bought an HP. It lasted 1.5 years traveling. Now we are on Toshiba number two. We are reserving the 5th point for those laptops built to be rugged. But so far as your normal PC or Mac is concerned Toshiba gets full credit!

Overall... 3 Of all the porn surfing devices... uh sorry, of all the computing devices we have encountered here at Fat Boy HQ the Toshiba is by far our favorite. Toshiba embodies Fat Boy-ness and receives full marks overall!

12 out of 14 possible points! Approved!!!

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