Friday, July 3, 2009

Brittney Leigh... OMG!

Brittney is a model from Georgia that is enjoying tremendous success. Just look at all of her work! HQ thinks that Brittney exemplifies what a Fat Boy looks for in a girl: charm, style, grace, minimal fabric in a bikini!

Usefulness... 3... We at Fat Boy Head Quarters are thinkers, we sit around pondering "what if?" What if Brittney were to visit our HQ would that be considered useful? What would we get out of it? Well, other than classing the place up a bit we would be in the company of a stunning beauty. How could that not be useful..?

At Fat Boy we condone with all earnestness the appreciation of beauty, particularly beauty like we find in Brittney Leigh. If one were to endeavor to stare at this kind of beauty for days on end, months and years even we would consider it a noble cause.

Satisfaction... 2... Now, once again, Brittney has never actually visited HQ. So we must dock her 1 point. The invitation is permanently extended! Otherwise one look at this Georgia beauty and you do want more... but in that good way!!!

Durability... 4... Brittney has been modeling for a few years and has enjoyed tremendous success! We reserve the final point to award down the road when we see if she exhibits true longevity.

Overall... 3... Overall this young lady tempts us in all the right ways. Sexy, beautiful, consistently clad in a bikini! What more could a Fat Boy want? Max Points!

Model Brittney Leigh is APPROVED with 12 of 14 points!


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