Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crowne Plaza Hotel... Nice and Quiet!

Fat Boy HQ held a corporate retreat in Phoenix AZ this past week. The temporary HQ was at the Crowne Plaza airport location.

This was our third stay at a Crowne Plaza location. This one was the "Crowne" jewel. It was a clean, well lit place that Hemingway would have been very proud of.

Let's consult the data!

Usefulness... 3... We are giving full points on this one because even though the room was a bit small for our tastes it was well appointed and served our needs flawlessly. The internet connection was slow but persistent and with a strong signal.

Satisfaction... 2... Full marks would have been awarded if the price had been a bit better. It was a good price, but could have been better. In other words, we didn't feel taken in the least, but we didn't feel as though HQ got a great deal either. There was also an attempt to sell us a $5 bottle of water in the room! Ha!

We ordered room service one night. It arrived fast and was about the best turkey club EVER!

Durability... 5... Full marks here. The hotel looked brand new! Everything was clean, in place and working. The bed was comfy and the towels soft by hotel standards. FatBoys everywhere would feel right at home with the large bath room and reasonable shower size. Sturdy, stylish furnishings made the HQ bunch very welcome and relaxed.

As we often do on FB Tested we reference the "brand" in durability. Crowne Plaza is an ICH hotel. ICH is Intercontinental Hotel and Holiday Inn. Usually very reliable. It seems you can expect ICH to be a consistent and persistent brand in the future.

Overall... 2... We dock one point for a few reasons. While our particular Phoenix stay was lovely, we got the suite on a discount. Even with the discount I consider the rate pricey. So the normal price would certainly sting a bit. Then there was the $5 bottle of water thing. Probably a corporate decision because there was one small FREE bottle of water in the room as well. Which, tells me local management is put off by the $5 bottle of water. Finally, hotels secure about $100 over the expected cost of the stay on your card to cover incidentals. We at Fat Boy HATE this and will always dock a point for this practice. If the over charge came off immediately, fair play to ye. But, it doesn't. Someone holds on to that money for a few days, earns some interest on it, uses it, whatever and then gives it back to you. This is the kind of thing that drives HQ crazy.

12 of 14... pretty damn good! Crowne Plaza is Approved!

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