Thursday, July 9, 2009

MQ-9 Reaper... Rain Hell from Above!

Mom's and Dad's don't fuss at little Jimmy for playing video games all day just yet. That hand eye coordination is not with out merit!

Perhaps Jimmy is actually studying to pilot an MQ-9 Un-maned Ariel Vehicle (UAV). Fat Boy was directed to this aptly named war bird by our Coastal Commando at Fat Boy HQ South. While some of you might think this is a stretch because we haven't actually tested the MQ-9... we however think that this is patently appropriate fodder for FB HQ.

The new UAV is said to be a "hunter killer" improvement over past birds. This version is designed to seek out threats and neutralize them. Most UAV applications now have a recon mission and are only lightly armed for the occasional incursion. This new weapon goes out looking for a fight!

To the numbers!

Usefulness... 3... it seems our warfighters have been asking for this. A UAV that can provide ground support in a quick and decisive fashion. That is exactly what the MQ-9 Reaper does. It is faster than previous UAVs and has the ability to equip 3000 lbs of deadly munitions. What is more this attack plane is piloted from the safety and comfort of Nevada or other undisclosed locations! No pilots at risk!

Satisfaction... 2... we dock one point for the very reason we gave full points above. While keeping US service men and women safe is a great and noble goal, payback is a drink best served in person. I imagine if you ask a pilot in an A-10 Warthog and a pilot of a UAV to compare how "satisfying" bring the fight to the enemy is, the pilot on scene would probably win.

Durability... 4... almost full marks! This UAV has about a 14-16 hour window of operation with full battle gear and moves better than 220 mph. This is an improvement over previous UAV of similar size and scope. But it is not the case for the Global Hawk UAV that boasts about 30-40 hours of operating time. Of course this bird is strictly recon.

Overall... 3... overall this addition to the arsenal is just what the doctor ordered. Faster, more deadly, cooler! Where do we sign up... time to add three hours a day of XBOX training to the old resume!


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