Friday, July 24, 2009

Tums... a FatBoy's best friend...

Hey Kids! Did ya pull an all nighter this past weekend? Or, too many ribs at the local BBQ joint? Well today we give Tums the once over.

Usefulness... 3... If you have ever gotten up in the middle of night with your throat and belly on fire from late night cocktails topped off by Waffle House or cold pizza... you know that Tums is a necessary item in your pocket, medicine cabinet, car console, desk drawer, night stand, or any where else a roll of Tums might fit! If the heart burn is bad enough you will even eat the one that rolled under the car seat last year!

Satisfaction... 2... Basic Tums works good enough. It is reasonably quick and effective. It lasts a few hours and is generally palatable.

Durability... 5... If one Tums worked all day it would be perfect. And that variety of antacid exists. Tums, however works long enough. It's size makes a second dose no more bothersome than the first. As for the durability of the brand... well, what could be more durable. When asking for an antacid tablet you either ask for "Tums" or "Rolaids". We imagine they split the market evenly. HQ likes the Tums because they seem to be a bit tastier.

Overall... 3... Some things are just about good enough. Tums is one of them. Sure it could be immediate relief and sure it could last all day from one dose... but it just works good. And... it always works. And... it is cheap. And... it is portable. And... We love it.

13-14 points!!!! Approved

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